The BEYOND LANGUAGE 2021 Conference will be held on 31 May – 1 June, 2021 (online)

BEYOND LANGUAGE is an international conference that aims at integrating international young researchers of language, literature and culture understood as pivotal social human behavioral patterns. Conference organizers wish to address, among other issues, the need of investigating minority speech communities, endangered and vanishing languages, literatures and cultures, small languages, pidgins and creoles, as well as narrowing down the scope of study of cultural practices performed by the means of language and studies through the scope of contact linguistics and anthropological linguistics.

The scope of the conference seeks to establish  a ground for new research in the following areas:

  • endangered and vanishing languages, literatures and cultures,
  • anthropological linguistics,
  • studies of cultures and societies,
  • cultural patterns in discursive practices,
  • folk-linguistics and folk-anthropology,
  • mechanisms of language change (and language death),
  • the ethnography of communication,
  • studies of small languages and linguistic vitality,
  • field linguistics,
  • translation/interpretation studies.

Contact and abstract submission (by May 25th)

There is no conference fee. Information:

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